About Me and Why I Started Saving Corals

While I am a person of many hobbies like many other people out there, my top two hobbies are aquarium reef keeping and scuba diving. Anytime I am engaging in either of these two hobbies makes me feel complete and satisfied with everything in my life. Considering my craze for aquarium reef keeping and scuba diving, you might tend to think that I have been engaging in these hobbies since my early childhood. But this isn’t true as my interest in aquariums started in my early teenage years after my dad gave me an aquarium which he expected me to get rid of.

Rather than throwing it away, I instead set it up as a freshwater community tank and the rest is history. I slowly found myself fully addicted and within a short time, I progressive to Coral Reef aquarium. Today, my tank has a size of 350 gallons and you can really bet that I have come from such a long way. Spending quality time in water particularly swimming is something that I have always loved since my childhood. My family would go for vacations to the beach and these are some of my best childhood memories that I remember even today.

During most of our beach vacations, my mom used to tell me to get out of the ocean that we were leaving and I kept begging my mom to just give me five minutes more and we would then leave.

After the five minutes were over, I still kept begging for more 5 minutes and this would continue until I couldn’t ask again. One time, when I was older we decided to go for a holiday vacation to the Caribbean where there was a coral reef. Being the enthusiastic person I have always been, I wanted to see it and so we booked a snorkeling trip.

Once we reached the corals, I dove in and started snorkeling. I was so amazed and mesmerized that I wanted to get closer so I swam back to the boat that dropped us off at the coral reef. I asked them if they taught scuba diving and they did. So that day I started my first lessons in scuba diving and the rest has been history. Years later, my fiancé and I were fortunate enough to go for a trip to the popular Great Reef in Australia.

The trip to The Great Barrier reef was both amazing and saddening at the same time. The sight of the reef dying really saddened me. I was very moved when I saw some of the reef that was bleached out completely and in some areas; algae had started to dominate the area. This marked my journey to start saving corals and this marked the birth of the Saving Corals. Saving Corals aims at coral propagation and restoration of corals for the present and future generations. We want to see corals regain their lost glory as the most biologically diverse and most stunning environments. It would be gland if you sent your donations, bought our propagated corals or Saving Corals Swag to support the noble work of for promoting restoration of coral reefs.We donate 10% of all our profits to saving the reef. Check out our Saving Corals Blog to see where the donations go.


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