The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most treasured natural wonders of the world. In fact, if someone tells you that they went to dive in Australia, they in short mean diving in the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland. It is reputed as the healthiest and largest coral reef in the world. The Great
Diving in the Caribbean provides any scuba diving enthusiast with a unique combination of highly dramatic wall terrains and incredibly colorful sponge and coral composites and highly flourishing habitats of larger pelagic fish and even the small tropical fishes. The Caribbean boasts of having one of the best conditions for scuba diving in the world.
Coral reefs are a home to a large variety of colorful, usual and unusual creatures just like the extensive diversity of life that you would find in a typical rainforest. Ranging from turtles to fish, eels, sharks, shrimps, snakes, sponges, algae and urchins, the list of exactly what lives in coral reef is limitless. Worms,
Coral reefs are incredibly valuable, mysterious and fascinating ecosystems. Unfortunately, they are slowly being destroyed and exposed to a wide range of threats that might see this underwater paradise become extinct if people do not up their efforts of helping save corals. Destructive actions like destructive and uncontrolled fishing methods, pollution from industrial and domestic
A recent study has shown that over 75% of the world’s coral reefs are at a risk of destruction from global and local threats. The common local threats that the coral is exposed to are such as destructive fishing, over-fishing, untreated sewage, coastal development, damage from ships and agricultural runoff. On the global arena, climate
Hidden down there in the waters of the ocean, coral reefs are full of life. Lobsters, fish, corals, seahorses, clams, sea turtles and sponges are just a highlight of the numerous creatures that survive in the reefs. Fish found around a coral reef are known as coral reef fish and there are so many species
Any enthusiastic diver will not hesitate to tell you about the beauty of coral reefs. Coral reefs are likened to undersea cities that are filled with intricate formations, wondrous sea creatures and colorful fish. The importance of the coral reef goes beyond the pleasure it brings to those who go underwater to explore it. Ranging
Most scientists who study coral reefs generally recognize that there are three major types of coral reefs, i.e. the fringing reefs, Atolls and barrier reefs. The conventional way of recognizing and differentiating the three different types of coral reefs is through their morphology which involves study of the shape and size of the reef and
When it comes to selecting the fish for your saltwater aquarium it is essential that you know how your fish was caught. There are different ways fish are caught such as netting, blasting, cyanide or captive breeding. While knowing how they are caught isn’t always easy, but your local aquarium store should know where there
There are three main types of saltwater aquarium set ups. When deciding on which one to choose, you should remember that each of them has its advantages and drawbacks. When starting your saltwater aquarium, it is essential that you decide on so many things such as how big you want your tank to be, type

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