• Lighting: LED
  • Salinity: 1.027
  • Temp: 76-79
  • Nitrate: 0-1
  • Phosphate: 0-.02
  • Calcium: 420 -450
  • Alkalinity: 7.5 -8.5
  • Magnesium: 1300 - 1350
  • Flow: a lot

Over the years of being in this hobby I have had my fair share of pest. This has taught me an important lesson. Quarantine everything. I mean everything. This includes corals, fish, inverts, rock and if it’s wet it gets quarantined. Don’t just think by dipping corals it will get rid of everything. It helps but you can still get pest into the display tank. I would suggest you quarantine everything regardless of where or whom you purchased them from.

The corals will be cut at the time of the order so please allow at least 1 -2 weeks for them to heal. I will hold them longer if you like. I do not ship fresh cut corals


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