Aquarium lighting is available in many different types today on the market. Sorting out all the differences can be quite confusing but it is always important that you know which kind of lighting can benefit your aquarium the most. Always keep in mind the fact that the main goal of aquarium lighting is creation of
Water is with no doubt the basis of an aquarium system and even though everything about it seems quite easy, it is so unfortunate that this is where most new hobbyists usually get it wrong. There are different water sources for a fish tank or aquarium that you can use. The main choices include getting
Protein skimming, otherwise known as foam fractioning is one of the most important aspects associated with any health aquarium. In a nutshell they remove waste and food particles before it gets to the biological filtration process. The microscopic debris attaches to the tiny bubbles and when it reaches the top of the chamber the bubbles
It is essential that a saltwater aquarium is recycled before your prized fish are added.  Nitrogen cycling refers to a process by which water is taken through various biological changes thus resulting in the water being balanced chemically and making it able to sustain life. The cycle is food and waste is broken down to
An algae scrubber refers to a water filtering device that grows algae by using light. During the process, the algae scrubber removes the undesirable chemicals from the water. The introduction of algae scrubbers have in a big way allowed pond, freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists the ability of operating their tanks in way similar to
Many new reef aquarium hobbyists tend to make a wide range of mistakes and so many things are bound to go wrong before they are able to master the technique. Here are top 10 mistakes in no particular order that can put your aquarium at a grave risk. Buying a small tank: when you find

What is a Refugium?

The refugium is touted as being able to do everything ranging from feeding the fish to negating need for changing water in the aquarium and much more. Unfortunately, most aquarists don’t really understand them and thus end up misusing refugia and expecting them to do things they weren’t designed for. You can use refugium for

What is a Sump?

A sump is simply a water containment area that is set below an aquarium for placing the equipment, providing different types of water for filtration to for the aquarium, adding top-off water into the tank as well as performing many other maintenance tasks. The sump provides you with enhanced control over your fish only or

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